365 days down 30 to go

IMG_7633According to my timehop (a mobile app that displays photos, social media posts, etc from previous years), a year ago today I arrived at the Maternidad de Maria orphanage for the first time. It is absolutely crazy to think that it has been a whole year since I embarked on the most formative journey/experience of my life. Each and every day I thank God for having had the opportunity to have served the people of Chimbote last summer, but also for the opportunity to be going back in a mere 30 days!  That’s right 30 days from today I will don the green scrubs once more and return to be embraced by tons of sloppy kisses from my little friends in Chimbote!

So join me in backtracking for a minute to fill most of you in on how I finagled my way into returning to Chimbote for the month of August. Last December, still in my missing Peru and all of my Peruvian pals funk, I stumbled upon an email from the Providence College Center for International Studies. The subject line read Are you interested in spending the summer abroad? Followed by Are you in need of financial support to achieve that dream? My answer to both questions was YES (flights to Peru do not come cheap and I am a college gal on a budget)! I read through the rest of the email and decided that this might be my opportunity. Since my return from Peru last August I had always longed to return. I had envisioned taking a gap year prior to starting any graduate programs and spending my time away from my textbooks by fully immersing myself in the community of Chimbote. While post grad life seemed so far away, the thought of returning inspired me to continue going full-steam ahead with my coursework. The prospect of returning a year early to Chimbote was so very enticing. Without giving it a second thought I decided to apply for the Global Service Learning Grant. I told no one about my application process figuring that I would not be awarded the grant due to my fellowship the previous summer. However, in early April I received another email from the International Studies office stating that I had been awarded the grant and would indeed be returning to Chimbote for the summer of 2016! After a quick celebration that consisted of yelling, crying, and jumping up and down in my dorm room I decided it would be best to tell my parents of both my application and acceptance into the program! (Update for all of you who know my parents: Dad was very excited and Mom immediately went out to buy clothing for the children- typical).

With much joy in my heart I am so very excited to officially announce part 2 of my Peruvian Adventure and look forward to continuing to share the stories of my work at the Maternidad de Maria clinic and orphanage with each of you.

Please keep me and all those with whom I will be working in your thoughts and prayers, and get ready for an influx of pictures of the children to your inbox in just 30 days!

Love always,


7 thoughts on “365 days down 30 to go

  1. My O My what a wonderful day!!!! Nothing could could look better than the look on all your little Peruvian friends faces, young and old, when they see their blond haired beauty come back home. Best to you always. Great things happen to great people. Go Girl !!!!!!!!!!


  2. Great things happen to great people. The look on all your Peruvian friends faces will be special. The very best to you always Kate you deserve it. ( BRING DAD !!!!!!! ) LOVE YOU


  3. Congratulations on fulfilling your dream! God has big plans for you in Peru! Looking forward to your emails & pictures on your adventure! Best wishes!


  4. Hi Kate…Some things are just meant to be and this is it for you…so happy for you and am looking forward to receiving your posts from Peru. Last year at times I felt like I was there with you, the posts were so interesting. Hi to mom and dad…I miss them since my move and will have to call your mom. Safe trip and all the best to you!

    Kathy Jasmin


  5. Kate. We were on our way to Chimbote when this hit my email. I’m just now getting around to reading it and am so very excited for you! God has blessed us with many new friends because of Chimbote; you and Annie are certainly part of that blessing. Safe travels. Looking forward to reading about your stay this summer. May He bless you abundantly for your wonderful work. Tim


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