Giving and Receiving

Each morning I have a routine. I wake up, tumble down to the kitchen to make breakfast and start my coffee, return to my room, put on my scrubs and then run down the stairs once more (coffee in hand and cell phone in the air trying to send my parents a good morning message) to head to work.

In my attempt to get to morning prayers on time I usually miss the picture hanging on the stairway wall. However, this morning it caught my eye. It is the prayer of St. Francis. I reflected on the prayer, both in Spanish and in English, throughout my day today.

For it is in giving that we receive. 

I came to Peru to work in a medical clinic and to experience third world medicine. What I didn’t realize is that in addition to my work in clinic I would also be spending  an abundance of time in the onsite orphanage. If you are new to the blog, we have 15 orphans that live at the Maternidad and these children have touched my life in a way that cannot be put into words. As I enter my last week in Peru I decided to spend my afternoon (my only day off) with the children watching a movie. This morning I proudly purchased the Spanish version of 101 Dalmatians, made s’mores and popcorn and headed off to the Maternity.

I had an absolutely wonderful afternoon surrounded by the children watching the movie. I reflected on the prayer of St. Francis and noted how we receive when we give to others. These children, either taken away from their homes or abandoned by their parents, have little possessions to call their own. They receive good care from the staff members, but the orphanage is not their home. Today I sat on the floor watching all of “my babies” look intently at the movie on my computer screen and for the first time I did not feel sadness for them but rather joy. Joy that I was able to bring them happiness and look on as they enjoyed their popcorn and the “perros” on the screen.

I have received so much love from these 15 children and am so grateful to have them have been a part of my life and an essential piece of my Peruvian Adventure. I have been able to give, but I have also been able to receive. It is bittersweet to sit here and realize that I only have seven days left of my journey, but I am forever grateful for all of my opportunities thus far and look with optimism to  embrace everything that the next week has to offer.

Love from Peru,


5 thoughts on “Giving and Receiving

  1. Hi Kate,
    What a lovely blog filled with compassion and love for those you have helped and in turn received their love. Life does not get better than that. We will keep you in our prayers as you finish your last week in Peru. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us all.
    Kathy and Paul


  2. What an incredible summer for you and such an enriching experience. Thank you for sharing with us. Your “children ” have been blessed to have had you in their lives. Safe travels and see you soon.


  3. Hi Kate,So glad you are having such an enlightening experience. It brings me joy to read your blog knowing the difference you are making in the lives of the Peruvian people. Thank you for sharing your experiences to us all. Hope to see you soon.Love, Annette


  4. Oh my gosh, tear! Admittedly I watched your snapchat story of movie day with the nuggets at least 5 times, each are such a blessing. Live it up chica your last week in Peru IMYSM and cannot wait to hear all your stories. Prayers for a safe trip home ❤


  5. For it is in giving that we receive: you have given your all and you got so much in return. Your return is rich in unforgettable experiences that will be with you forever!!! May you savor each remaining moment that you have left in Peru. Safe journey back home. Will be thinking of you.


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